This site represents all Canadian Chito-Ryu member dojos who are directly affiliated to Soke, and the International Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation.


The centre circle represents the sun.


The outer circle represents the universe.


The five lines on the left and right are hands.

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The crest as a whole means: by studying Chito Ryu Karate-Do the people of the world are making a pledge of peace to come together hand in hand.

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O-Sensei was told by Arigaki Sensei that Karate-do originated approximately one thousand years ago in China.

Based on this, O-Sensei named his style 'Chito Ryu', according to the origins of Karate-do.


The thousand year old style of the empty handed way.

'CHI' means 'one thousand'.

'TO' refers to China’s Tang dynasty (618-907), which is where To-de (which later became known as Karate-do) is commonly thought have sprung from.

'RYU' is the Japanese word for style.CHITO-RYU KARATE-DO' means 'The thousand year old style of the empty handed way