The Soke Cup


Soke Cup

The Soke Cup is the highlight of the International Chito-Ryu Karate Federation calendar with Chito-Ryu practitioners from all over the world converging together every three years to compete for the honor and prestige of Soke Cup gold, and the highest honor of them all the Individual Soke Cup.

The Soke Cup presents us all with a unique opportunity to extend both our competitive and cultural horizons in an environment of friendship and understanding. For many people who begin their study of karate with the ideals of achieving more than just a feeling of self-confidence and fitness, the Soke Cup is a pointed step towards discovering the intellectual and cultural enrichment that they seek.

The competition is divided into two sections kata and kumite. There are divisions for all age groups in both individual and team format. Originally the Soke Cup only consisted of open divisions which effectively limited the competition to those of a dan ranking. At the sixth Soke Cup in Toronto, Canada, kyu grades and weight divisions where added for the first time. This opened the tournament up to a much larger range of participants.

Soke Cup Hosts

1983 - Kumamoto, Japan

1986 - Kumamoto, Japan

1989 - Vancouver, Canada

1992 - Newcastle, Australia

1995 - Kumamoto, Japan

1998 - Toronto, Canada

2001 - Kumamoto, Japan

2004 - Newcastle, Australia

2007 - Bergen, Norway

2010 - Kumamoto, Japan

2013 - Hong Kong, China

2017 - Kumamoto, Japan

2019 - Penticton, BC, Canada